How to Use Your Seedbox Effectively to Increase Seeding Ratio?

If you are an avid torrent user then you must know the struggle of maintaining a good ratio while seeding on private tracker. The cut-throat standard of being in the private trackers’ community gives us all a headache.

However, with the help of seedboxes users can effectively increase seeding ratio and earn the advantage of maintaining a good ratio. Some of the benefits that users get to enjoy with a good ratio are – improved downloading speed, increased scope of getting invites and more.

Here we list some ways with which you can effectively improve your seeding ratio using a seedbox. Continue to read till the end to find out.

1.Essential to choose the best seedbox hosting server

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind if you wish to improve your seeding ratio is that you must choose the best seedbox provider. A seedbox server with quality performance will ensure that the dedicated server is online 24/7.

Keeping your seedbox up and running for 24×7 will enable the users to perform the activity of downloads and uploads as quickly as possible. This proves to be great for maintaining a good ratio. A good quality seedbox will help you to perform this task smoothly and ultimately contribute in building up a good ratio.

Hosting small files will give you the advantage

You may not know this but downloading and saving small files in your seedbox increases your chances considerably to improve your ratio. When you seed small files then seeders are more likely to download your files than others.

For instance, say you have seeded a movie torrent file of around 600 MB and another person seeded the same file for 2 GB, obviously the seeders are gonna choose files that are of smaller size rather than the large size.

So, keep in mind to host small files for increasing your chances of enhancing seeding ratio.

Keep the downloaded files in your seedbox

This trick works like magic to keep up your download to upload ratio. When you are done downloading a torrent file, keep them in your server for seeding. This will give the other seeders to download your files.

If you delete or move files that are actively being downloaded then chances are your seeding ratio can greatly impact negatively. Hence, always keep the files up and running in your seedbox and remove those files that aren’t being downloaded. This way you will improve your ratio efficiently.

Hunt for new torrents and go for them

Always be on the lookout for newer version torrent files as soon as they are released. When a new torrent is released the number of downloaders than the seeders for it are more. With the help of your seedbox you can finish up the downloading process immediately after the release of new torrent.

The sooner you download them, the more early on you become the seeder of that new version of torrent file. Therefore, other seeders will be lining up for your new torrent file. Hence, greatly influencing your seeding ratio for good.


Maintaining a good seeding ratio can be tough but keeping in mind the above enumerated points you can achieve the task successfully. Make sure you choose from the best performing seedboxes to accomplish the task mentioned above and improve your seeding ratio.

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