Getting traffic on your website is the basic necessity for gaining online profits and popularity. Many companies complain about the low traffic regardless of having a well-designed website, and a settled business.

People often turn to SEO experts and pay a hefty amount to earn that traffic. But, there are many SEO tips using which you can enhance the traffic of your site. All you have to do is to read, comprehend, apply, and see the results!

Improve and Upgrade Old Blog Posts:

Usually, companies only focus on writing new blog posts and forget about the ones that they have published a year or two years back. This is the biggest mistake that you can ever commit. You should find the most promising topics of the blog posts that you had written earlier.

The information must be out-dated now. So, you should read it once again and improve the content. Add new images and facts, remove the out-dated information and update the blog. This technique helps mainly because:

• Google gives priority to new content.
• You must have earned new knowledge and expertise since that post was published. So, you can definitely make it more effective than it actually was.

Add “Click to Tweet” Links:

Twitter is a very strong platform. People love to share the things they like over such platforms rather than in personal chat boxes. This gives you an opportunity to add the tweetable links into your content. Through such links, people can share your content on Twitter with one click. Not sure how to do it? Follow the steps:

• Identify the most useful information on your blog. It could be some point, some graph or a special strategy. You can also select more than one element.

• To generate the link, head to and write that piece of information in the tweet. The moment you do so, this tool will create a special link for you.

• Include that link just below that piece of information in the blog.

• Anyone who would click on the link would get an already written generalized tweet which they can share on their twitter account.

Choose Blog Topics and Content as per Reader’s Interests:
If blogging is done in the right way, it works as bait for your target audience. Publishing blogs on a daily basis is not the real task. Instead, writing the blogs which readers can’t resist to click on and read until the end is the actual challenge.

Some companies don’t understand that and use blogs directly to promote their products and services. Yes, you can promote your products but, in an indirect way. Understand your target audience, their interests and their thought processes. Why someone would click on a link to read about your new products if you aren’t a big brand. Yes, they won’t. You can use interesting or viral topics related to those products.

For example, if you have launched some new footwear designs then, you can write about “Footwear trends in 2019” instead of directly focusing on your products. People love to read on more generic topics than company-related specific ones. So, write to allure your audience.

Sprinkle LSI Keywords in Your Content:

Now, getting a higher search engine ranking is much more difficult than the earlier times. Google bots not only focus on your keywords but also on the entire content to decipher its value. LSI keywords are used so that Google can understand the content. These are the words related to our main keywords or that point towards these keywords. On reading these, anyone can know what this content is about.

For example, if your content contains LSI keywords related to “smartphones” then, Google will rank your content piece in search results of that particular domain. You can use the free tool, namely, “LSI Graph” to know LSI keywords that relate to your topic. You can add them in your entire content piece evenly; once after knowing them.

Optimize for Mobile-First Index:

Google has recently launched its “Mobile-First Index” which means that Google will give preference to the mobile version of your site. Due to this update, the websites that are not mobile-optimized are lagging behind the mobile-friendly websites in search engine results.

So, optimizing your website for mobile is very important to gain a higher rank. Mobile-friendliness of a site also increases its traffic as a large number of people prefer phone over the desktop. How would you know that your website is optimized for mobile? It’s very simple; take the help of Google’s free tool “The Mobile-Friendly Test” to know this. This tool also gives suggestions to make your site mobile-friendly if it’s not.

Improve your Click-Through-Rate (CTR):

Improving your click-through-rate will directly enhance your website traffic. Click-through-rate is the rate at which visitors click on the hyperlink of your site. This is even more important than your search engine ranking when it comes to obtaining higher traffic. Yes, because higher rank doesn’t promise more visitors. On the other hand, CTR is your actual traffic.

However, websites with high CTR gets higher raking automatically. So, these two things are interconnected. You can improve your CTR by doing this:

• Write compelling titles and Meta descriptions.
• Use highly emotional titles.
• Enhance the number of question-based titles.
• Include a number in your title (like 10 tips, 5 ways etc.)
• Add keywords in the URL and title tags.

Earn Traffic Through Internet Forums:

People who own a new website can take help of internet forums to drive traffic. These forums are online platforms where people usually turn for getting or sharing information. This information is exchanged between various parties through messages or question answers.

You can become an active member of forums related to your domain. You can post your content, solve people’s queries and indulge in discussions. This will assist you in showcasing your talents. You can share links of your website and content after building a good reputation there.
So, use these tips properly and you will surely get more traffic!

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